10 GLUTEN FREE minced beef pies | The London gluten free pie mash n liquor pie
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10 GLUTEN FREE minced beef pies


gluten free minced beef pies
gluten free pie mash liquor
gluten free pie mash liquor

10 GLUTEN FREE minced beef pies


Your order will include: 10 GLUTEN FREE minced beef pies. Perfect for pie mash and liquor.

Our price includes delivery.


100% fresh British minced beef in a delicious well seasoned gravy encased in Goddard’s GLUTEN FREE pastry. Our new gluten free ‘pie n mash’ pie.

Our fresh liquor does contain flour/gluten but our exclusive instant liquor is gluten free.

There is no mash or liquor included in this order.

Allergen information:

Pies: Egg

Additional information


Pastry: Flour (rice, potato, tapioca, maize, buckwheat), vegetable oil (palm oil, palm stearin, rapeseed oil), water, EGG, xanthan gum, salt, bicarbonate of soda.

Filling: Water, beef (25%), maize starch, salt, yeast extract, black pepper, caramel (E150)


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