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Pies with fresh liquor

Here is our selection of options for the traditional pie & mash pie with fresh liquor.

All boxes will be delivered by our overnight courier and you will be able to choose your preferred delivery date during the checkout process.

Pie and Mash

6 pies 6 liquor


Pie and Mash

8 pies 8 liquor


Pies with fresh liquor

Since 1890 Goddard's have made and sold traditional pie mash and liquor in London. Our large pie shop in Greenwich serves the same traditional pies and liquor that can be found on this page.

All pies and liquor are handmade using traditional techniques and our family recipes.

Now the internet has enabled anyone to enjoy pie and mash wherever they live in the UK. You can order your pies and fresh liquor securely online with delivery to your door.

Our couriers can deliver on the following days each week:

  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday

Our pie and liquor boxes have prices that include delivery to any address on the UK mainland. It is possible to request delivery to your home, place of work or to friends and family. Place your food in the fridge as soon as possible and recreate your favourite London meal at home.

Historically, the parsley liquor was made from the water left over from stewing eels. Due to the large decline in the number of people consuming eels this is no longer the case and accordingly our liquor does not contain any animal products.

We will also provide a reheating guide to help.