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We’ve got some great extras to make your pie & mash even better!


The plain and chilli vinegar is made by ourselves to the Goddard’s recipe. These are supplied in reusable glass bottles with lids. You will find that the chilli vinegar adds a lovely flavour to pie and mash and also fish and chips.

Instant Liquor

This unique product means that you can enjoy hot tasty liquor any time of the day or night. It comes in a resealable pouch that you keep in the kitchen cupboard. Ready in a few seconds!

Pie tins

These metal pie tins are replicas of the ones used in traditional pies shops who would make their pies fresh each day. The pie tins are reusable and just the right size for making London pie n mash pies at home.

Pie & Mash Extras

Instant liquor mix – 800g


Pie & Mash Extras

Chilli vinegar 140ml


Pie & Mash Extras

Plain vinegar 140ml


Pie & Mash

Pie mash and liquor is a traditional and iconic London meal loved by many and misunderstood by lots!

Originally favoured by the working classes of East London as a cheap and filling meal comprising of: stewed eel pie, mashed potato, hot liquor gravy.

Now the filling is a good quality minced beef with traditional pastry served with mash and hot liquor. Whilst the liquor would originally have been made from the stewed eels stock it is now usually a vegetarian gravy.

Pie and mash is a ritual meal enjoyed by thousands of Londoners each day. All have their own special way of enjoying it, often passed down through their generations.

One essential item is vinegar. Some prefer a plain vinegar but most diners will choose the chilli vinegar which has a great deal more flavour. Season the meal well with salt and white pepper and enjoy.