About our pies

Our pies are made by hand and baked to order

Hand made pies since 1890

We know our pies are good because our customers tell us so and continue to recommend us. Our way of doings things has won us many admirers and accolades over the years so we stick to what we’re good at and make pies using our secret recipes and unique pastry.

Our pastry

We insist on using only the best sources of British flour so you can be confident that the quality of our pastry is second to none. The other ingredients are secret and the famous Goddard’s pastry is what makes our pies so special.

Tuscan bean vegan pie
Lamb & rosemary pie

Our Meat

Our butcher delivers our fresh meat throughout the week and we use only quality cuts of British beef, chicken, ham and lamb.

Our pie fillings

All of our fillings are cooked from scratch using raw ingredients and our meat fillings are simmered and marinated for hours to enrich the flavour of the natural gravy. Our chefs constantly taste these throughout the day to ensure they are just right giving our pies that homemade touch.

Assembly and finishing

All of our pies are hand assembled in foil dishes. Our pies are hand filled to the top with tasty pie filling so each one is packed full of flavour and satisfaction. Each pie is then hand-trimmed to remove excess pastry before being baked and chilled ready for our customer orders.