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Traditional pies for pie and mash

These options are for boxes of ‘pie n mash’ pies only.

We have the traditional minced beef pie, a gluten free version and also a soya mince pie. There is no mash or liquor included with these boxes but both are available to add to your order if needed. All boxes will be delivered by our overnight courier and you will be able to choose your preferred delivery date during the checkout process.


Traditional pies

Originally the pies enjoyed by the London working classes were filled with stewed eels from the river Thames. The river was clean and the eels thrived so there was a plentiful supply.

The eels were kept alive in the shops and only killed and cooked when needed. The liquid left over after cooking, the liquor, was then seasoned and thickened to be used as a gravy.

Over time the live eel stocks reduced due to river pollution and now minced beef is the filling for these traditional pies.

We only use good quality British minced beef which is supplied to us fresh by our butchers several times each week.

Since 1890 Goddard's have made and sold traditional pie mash and liquor in London. Our large pie shop in Greenwich serves the same traditional pies and liquor that can be found on this website.

All of our pies are handmade using traditional techniques and our family recipes.

Our overnight couriers can deliver your pies on the following days each week:

  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday

Our traditional pie boxes have prices that include delivery to any address on the UK mainland. It is therefore possible to choose delivery to your home, place of work or to friends & family.

The choices in this section only include traditional pies suitable for pie mash and liquor. You may also want to view our Mix n Match pie boxes which allows a selection of flavours to be purchased.

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