Wholesale & trade sales

We sell our pies to food businesses of all sizes, from pie shops and restaurants to foodservice companies and wholesalers.

Handmade pies since 1890

Our pies aren't processed, they're hand crafted and our techniques have hardly changed in over 120 years of pie making.

Pie and mash outlets

Check out where you can enjoy Goddard’s pies or Goddard’s pie and mash. We supply and work at these pie n mash outlets.

Only hand made is good enough

Our pies aren't processed, they're hand crafted. All of our pies are handmade from scratch by pie makers who follow the Goddard's traditional methods.

For us, nothing else is good enough.

Traditionally modern

Our pies are made using the Goddard's family traditional techniques and recipes within a modern and hygienic food-safe environment.

Insist on Goddard's pies.