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Premium Chicken Breast Fillets – 5kg


Premium Chicken Breast Fillets – 5kg


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The only chicken breasts to be crowned winners in the entire history of the Great Taste Awards.

Each breast weighs in at an impressive 200-250g meaning you will receive 20-25 fillets per 5kg pack.

This is up to DOUBLE the size of a typical supermarket 125g chicken breast, so in essence this 5kg is equivalent to 40 x 125g supermarket breast.

Hand-trimmed of excess fat and blood spots, you are paying for pure breast meat.

Plus, because these chicken breasts arrive with you FRESH (like our other 1,000+ fresh lines), you can separate your fillets into freezer bags and freeze for that perfect protein portion every time.

They also have no added water or salt.

So you are guaranteed perfectly plump poultry – chunky, delicious chicken fillets that don’t shrink in the pan.

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