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BBQ Chicken Burgers – 2 x 4oz


BBQ Chicken Burgers – 2 x 4oz


Available to buy from Muscle Food these items are shipped direct to you.

With just 1.2g of fat and +24g of protein per burger, these Extra Lean Chicken Burgers are ideal for adding a touch of variety to your protein packed diet.

Made from 92.5% chicken meat, per 100g these juicy flavour packed burgers also contain just:

  • 9.5g of Carbohydrates
  • Just 0.5g of Sat Fat

They’re even Certified Gluten Free and contain absolutely no artificial flavourings, colours, sweeteners or flavour enhancers, so you’re guaranteed an all-natural, gluten free protein hit with every bite.

Only the finest, freshest chicken is used to make these tasty burgers.

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Our pies aren't processed, they're hand crafted. All of our pies are handmade from scratch by pie makers who follow the Goddard's traditional methods.

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