New & exclusive instant parsley liquor from Goddard's | Pie mash and liquor
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New & exclusive instant liquor

Instant parsley liquor

New, unique, exclusive and so easy to make!

Made exclusively for us to our family recipe and with over 6 months taken in development. This item has been widely anticipated for some time.

Packed in a convenient 800g resealable pouch that will make approximately 40 portions of Goddard’s liquor, just add boiling water and stir. With a long shelf life, just keep the pouch in your kitchen cupboard and make some instant hot liquor for pie and mash any time that you want to. And it’s gluten free!

We know that fresh gravy and liquor will always be best. Our instant liquor is as close as we can get to the real thing without having to make it yourself or store some in the freezer. It can be made in just a few minutes for pie mash and liquor on demand.


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